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Terms of ad submission


1. General Rules

1.1 The Current Rules are accepted by the User unconditionally when creating the account on the Portal.

1.2 AVITAN has a right to change this document any time without prior notification.

2. Advert moderation

2.1 All offers of sale or letting property are moderated - checked for compliance with the terms of ad delivery. The ad is published on the portal only after successful completion of moderation.

2.2. Moderation time – up to 24 hours.

2.3. If your ad violates any of the Term’s points, it will be “Rejected” with indicating the reason of refusal in the publication.


3. Ad content

3.1 We accept the ads on the following topics:

- sale of residential real estate;

- sale of land;

- sale of commercial real estate;

- long-term rent of residential real estate;

- short-term rent of residential real estate;

- rent of commercial real estate.

3.2 The User agrees to specify only the true information about the property.

3.3 It is forbidden to post the information which has nothing to do with the property (including contact information, advert, links and other.

3.4 It is forbidden to publish on Portal:

- copied ads, including the copies from the User Accounts;

- the ads of property which don’t exist;

- the ads of private realtors who act from the name of the owners;

- the ads of the third person if you don’t have his permission.

4. Terms for ads

4.1 The title of the ad must:

- match the content of the ad and the real estate described in the advert;

- be written only in Spanish and English;

4.2 The title and the content must completely fit to selected section.

4.3 In the title and content it is forbidden to:

- use reduction;

- write only capital letters;

- highlight the text with several punctuation marks,

- alternate uppercase and lowercase letters through one;

- advertise other services;

- deliberately distort or understate the price for the property.

4.4 In the titles and the text itself the User must:

- follow the rules of grammar and spelling;

- properly use the punctuation and spaces;

- start the new sentence with a capital letter;

- start a new paragraph with a capital letter and new line.

5. Terms of adding photos and videos

5.1 It is allowed to add unlimited quantity of photos of the property to each advert posted on the Portal ( by hand, by XML).

5.2 It is allowed to add video with the description of offered property to each object posted on the Portal.

5.3 It is forbidden to add the photos, videos, which have nothing to do with the property that is described in the ad.

5.4 It is forbidden to add pictures which contain contact information, other text.

5.5 It is forbidden to publish fake pictures (with details of other sites or real estate agencies).

5.6 All photos posted on the site must correspond with the technical requirements of the Portal (the size and format of the photos).

6. Property address and location on the map.

6.1 When adding the ad there should be specified the real address of property location.

6.2 If you select an object location on the map, the mark at the map must match with the address of the object.

7. Property details

7.1 The User should enter all the necessary information about the property characteristics in the filled marked with special sign «*» when he adds the advert. It is recommended to add the most detailed information.

7.2 In the case if the information is false or mistaken the advert won’t be published.

7.3 The cost of the property should be set in EU.

8. Administration actions in case of violation of the Terms of ads submission

8.1 Administration reserves the right to block any User ads if they do not follow the Rules of the Portal or cause any doubts.

8.2 When submitting multiple ads that violates the Terms, the site administration has the right to:

- remove one or all objects of the User;

- block User’s account for indefinite period;

- remove User’s account without the refund.