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Cs requires the City Council to launch measures against occupation


Cs requires the City Council to launch measures against occupation

The municipal group Citizens (Cs) has announced that it will require the government team of the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (CC and PP) and the other formations with representation in the town hall to "support the measures that Cs will take to the next plenary session to fight against the illegal occupation of houses ", since" it is a phenomenon that affects the owners of the paved buildings ", and also" to the coexistence of the neighbors who suffer this problem ".

In this sense, the councilor of Cs in the municipal corporation, Evelyn Alonso, has lamented that "every time there are more crimes of occupation of buildings and homes", and therefore, has indicated that "it is necessary that there are legal instruments that allow react to these cases ", so that" once verified, an effective eviction of the property is promoted in a short period of time ".

"The high growth of crimes of illegal occupation that, in recent years, has been experienced in some areas is promoted, in some cases, by organized crime groups," said Alonso, who also rejected that "these act as mere intermediaries that seek to take advantage of the desperation of many families that lack a home or, failing that, have lost it in an eviction. "

In addition, the mayor of Cs has noted that "in some cases, homes that are occupied illegally are used as a base of operations to carry out other criminal activities," such as "drug trafficking."

For all these reasons, has indicated that "it is necessary to strengthen legislation to ensure security and coexistence of citizens in the face of illegal occupation of housing," since "the lack of response by public authorities has been generating a sense of both lack of protection towards the owners of the occupied dwellings ", as" towards the neighbors that face this type of situation ".

In this sense, Alonso recalled that "Citizens has presented in the Congress of Deputies a comprehensive law proposal to fight more effectively against the phenomenon suffered by many Spaniards."

Therefore, the councilor of Cs has urged all formations with representation in the Consistory to "support the measures set out in the proposal", which aim to "offer comprehensive and effective protection to holders of illegally occupied homes", as well as "guarantee the security and neighborhood coexistence of those who coexist with the problems of illegal occupation".

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