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Purchasing the land in Tenerife

Purchasing the land in Tenerife

The land in Tenerife Island is the purchase object as well as buildings. In the other words any private or legal person including a foreign citizen has a right to purchase the land. But there are the number of nuances which you should know before the deal is done. The first problem is the purpose of the land established by the state. First of all you should carefully look through the documents and find out the details of land’s use.

There is a lot of land in Spain which is intended only for agricultural use or has the historical or archeological value and it is forbidden to provide any building process there. You have no right to build anything closer the 100 meters from the coastline as the coastal area and the beaches of Spain belong to the State.  In 1988 there was accepted a law “About the costs” (Ley de Costas), which confirms and extends the rights of state for coastal area.

Practically all land in Spain is privately owned. The land areas are sold and may be used for development. The purchase of land where the development is not expected in the nearest several years will be 7% taxed  + notary costs. If you are planning on building you should get a special license with the limits on the following area. The main limit is that the building height should be not more then 3 stores.

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