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Urgent ransom

It may happen that you urgently need the funds from the sale and the service «urgent ransom» is just for you. You shouldn’t look for the buyer, post the advert or so, you simply should fill in the application form in the section Urgent ransom.The experts of Portal will contact you and the Portal will purchase the property itself. As a rule, the price in the case of urgent ransom is 80-60% of its market value. So, the deal can take place as soon as it is possible.

The process of Urgent ransom consists of the following steps:

 - consultation with the Portal experts,

 - property valuation,

 - legal examination and checking availability of the documents of title for the property,

 - choosing the individual working scheme ( conditions and ways of money transaction, terms and conditions of the property exemption, moving to new location, utility payment etc.),

 - getting ready the documents to sign up the sale agreement,

 - signing the sale contract and its state registration,

 - accepting the funds.


Advantages of Urgent ransom:

 - you save the time, there is no need to search for the buyer,

 - you receive the funds as quicker as it is possible,

 - you shouldn’t pay the agency commission,

 - the deal is safe – we minimize your risks, as your buyer is a reliable real estate Portal.        

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